Starting a new role

Many new job placements for 2021 are increasingly becoming remote working focused. At Shortt Recruitment, we thought we would give you some quick tips and advice to help you get settled in quickly and thrive in this new setting.  Starting a new role is tough enough, never mind the fact that you can’t connect with your co-workers in the same way. Getting to know the new company is increasingly difficult when being remote but there are ways to tackle every problem. Connecting digitally is increasingly more viable and is rapidly increasingly worldwide.

Securing a new position

Firstly, securing a new position is an achievement. Acknowledge this in the same way you would in a regular position.  With the huge shake-up to employment structures around the world, job seekers are adapting and moving into new positions (often in unknown sectors).  Have an open mind and start your journey of growth. Jobs are often opportunities, so the first step is to embrace this. 

Have a dedicated workspace. This is hugely important when dividing up your work and home practices. Refresh your remote-work space, whether you’re setting one up for the first time, or you’re just adding a new piece of art or a plant to your desk. This step will help you acknowledge that you are starting something new.

Manage the expectations of your role. Do your best to absorb all the orientation and onboarding material. Hugely important is your relationship with your direct manager. Understanding the expectations of your role will help you better achieve the desired results. Working on tasks that are a priority for your manager may not be clear at first. Make steps to better understand your role and the steps required to achieve them.


Communication is another key area. Setting standard communication in a digital space can be difficult. Identify the best way to liaise with your teammates that isn’t a burden but allows you to stay on top of your work. A video call is becoming increasingly popular but may not always be the best method for quick communication.  Emails, calls and dedicated communication platforms are often sufficient within a business. Get to know your standards and plan accordingly. Also, keep in mind that these protocols are constantly changing and some staff may have adapted more quickly to newer methods. 

Get to know your colleagues

One of the most important tips we could recommend is to get to know your colleagues. Although this is more difficult than a simple chat in the office, there are ways to get to know the staff.  Online networking is increasingly popular. Drop people a message and ask some questions to get to know them. A quick video call can be arranged and well worth the time. Reach out to HR or your managers and ask for introductions if they are slowing coming naturally. It will be worth the inconvenience in the end. A blend of planned and unplanned networking is an ideal approach.  

Set yourself realistic goals

Acknowledge the position you are in. Starting a new job in a worldwide pandemic is a hard thing to do. Set yourself realistic goals and expectations.  It is worthwhile having a review after a few months and seeing if this position will likely change back to a regular position in the coming year or if this is a longer-term reality that you aim to embrace.