Some tips for getting the best results from a Recruitment Agency

At Shortt Recruitment, we work with job seekers looking for the perfect next career move. We have compiled some useful tips that may help you get the best experience possible. We hope you find these tips useful.


Respond to the agency’s telephone calls or emails as soon as possible!  Time is of the essence as the agency as you could be competing with other people and you could be considered by the employer ahead of those of a rival agency.

Stand out Application

Many companies receive bland or non-unique cv’s that are poorly constructed and presented that after a while they merge into one. Ensure that your CV is unique and stands out from other candidates so the agency can pick you above from rivals.

Apply for the roles you want

This is an obvious statement but always apply for the positions and roles you want or are focused on. Recruiting agencies can be persuasive or mislead you in the role required, don’t get pressured into considering for a position that isn’t for you.

Be confident in your experience

Agencies are always looking for candidates with a position that’s consistent to their history of work and therefore easy to sell. Ensure that your cv is structured to sell as the obvious choice for the position you have applied for.

Be Patient when expecting CV’s

Recruiting candidates is a long process, especially for high technical roles. Set your expectations and a timeline with the recruiter so they can allocate the appropriate recruiting resources toward the role. You don’t want to end up assigning the wrong candidate for a high-value position.

Give Detailed Job Requirements

Do not give staffing agency vague job requirements. It’s important to give the exact requirements you require for the specific position as this can result in recruiting the wrong candidate.

Don’t wait for the perfect candidate

It can take time to find the right candidate you are searching for. If a candidate ticks of most of the boxes you are searching for its best to accept them. Many employers wait for the perfect candidate that checks all the boxes meanwhile the other candidates that could have done the job have accepted their offers from other companies.

Be honest and direct

Honesty is the policy of talking with recruiters. If you interviewed many candidates and you don’t like them for a particular reason you need to give a reason to the recruiter. Even have if a candidate lacks in a specific field you require it best to let them know.

Shorten online applications

There are up to 60%  of job seekers who don’t finish or start a long complicated online application. Use simple and short yields for better results.

Be honest about the budget for the position

Many IT staffing agencies give vague answers and ranges for salaries and hourly pay rates. Employers are prone to not giving the exact number they wish to pay but shouldn’t be.  

An agency’s goal is to recruit the best candidates and often is that they find the candidate that requires a higher pay range than you give them and you miss out on them even if you could have given them what they required.